Gratitude is the attitude!

Gratitude is the attitude!

We have worked through crop losses, crucial equipment breaking at inopportune times, and other challenges that come with any type of farming. We had to learn to be dynamic. There is a wealth of information that's accessible to learn how to start and operate a mushroom farm; however, applying that knowledge day-to-day to make a farm successful is not straight-forward. Just growing mushrooms has its challenges not to mention getting your products to market - whether it is local farmer's markets, restaurants, brokers, or distributors - you have to have a game plan, but you have to be dynamic.

Being grateful through the challenges we have faced has been the prime source of inspiration when things felt low - or like a tight squeeeeze....then pop! Woah, we made it to the other side of adversity! We feel and express gratitude for the challenges and for the overcoming! After all, how will you know your ability until you are tested?

This year Elise and I (James) welcomed our second son, Immanuel-Re. He was birthed at home - into my hands - as was our first son, Jahfree-Will. Both of our boys are incredibly healthy, beautiful children. The immense gratitude and relief that wells up inside oneself when holding your child is inexplicable. You just want to give them everything, and yet they are still so tiny - they have their whole life to live - and so you just watch them grow. You feed them the best food you can. You plant the seeds of gratitude in their hearts and fertilize their minds with kindness as you bring to bear the lessons and revelations you have witnessed and experienced.

The highest prayer one can give is gratitude - the giving of thanks - and it is a potent one that causes an immediate shift in mindset when practiced. Much emphasis placed on it being a willful act, that it is volitional, and that it is something you perform to become better at. There is a sincerity to it that comes from being egoless - not seeking anything reciprocally - and giving thanks as a gift. Give thanks to yourself. Give thanks to your loved ones. Give thanks to That which made you - The Creator.

You cannot see every obstacle before you, but you can choose to be grateful about being tested and about the ability to overcome. Continue to choose to be strong through hardship and give thanks for this day - today.




**Note: The image is of a token made as wedding favors for our guests. Our wedding was November 28, 2020.