Family Fungi: A Micro-Farm

Family Fungi is a family-owned and operated gourmet edible and medicinal mushroom farm. We are also a micro-farm! We raise chickens and goats, as a means to spread awareness of food security simultaneously with providing nutrition for our Family. We also grow a variety of perennial and annual crops: such as a modest food forest, as well as sweet potatoes, pumpkins, a variety of squash, and other nutrient-dense calorie crops. One of our aims is to produce at least 1/3 of our meals each year.

We engage in a number of efforts to provide education to our community through private endeavors: setting up community gardens, at-home gardens, on-farm educational seminars, and these are a few among other outreach efforts as we are expanding. With all of these approaches to sharing information with people just like you, we are teaching about: soil conservation and soil health, how soil health reflects our gut health, biological/microbial health, and mental health, the role of fungi in the ecosystem, how our bodies are microcosmic ecosystems that need to be cared for, and we also share the information of reconnecting to the natural realm.

We strive to share the correlations between the micro and the macro. Just as folks are becoming familiar with their own microbiome, we are familiarizing folks with the larger microbiome of different ecosystems: whether it's your garden, a community garden, the local farmer, all the way up to the industrial scale of farming - we wish to elucidate the importance on the nutrient density and quality of foods.

Knowledge is Power (know how to grow food and where it comes from) and:

Your Health IS True Wealth! So give it the best fuel possible and form a relationship with the production of that food (energy source).

Thank you for supporting us!