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Family Fungi

Grain Spawn

Grain Spawn

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Select a variety from our library of cultures. Grown on organic sorghum.

Reishi (Ganoderma sessile) - A fantastic conk producer. Able to be grown as the "antler" form in vitro, but would have greater yields as conks. A favorite at our facility is to allow the first fruiting to antler inside the bag, then open and roll down the top of the bag to form giant conks. Fantastic for producing polysaccharide-rich medicinal mushroom supplements. The culture originates from a wild mushroom in Folsom, Louisiana.

**Reishi will fruit on sorghum, spawn to bulk or make grain generations asap or store spawn in the fridge.

Pleurotus cornucopiae - A beautiful white, pearlescent oyster mushroom that produces both heavy and voluminous yields. The stems are edible and have a desirable texture. The culture originates on our farm in Tickfaw, Louisiana from a wild mushroom.

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