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Lion's Mane Vanilla Extract

Lion's Mane Vanilla Extract

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This smooth vanilla extract is as much medicinal as it is flavorful. Packing a very potent aroma and dual extracted fruit bodies, this can be taken as a tincture or used to flavor foods, cocktails, mocktails, or anything your creativity is inspired towards.

1 oz.



Dual extracted Lion's Mane fruit bodies

Organic Madagascar Vanilla Beans

Woodford Reserve Bourbon


How it's made:

First, Lion's Mane fruit body and organic Madagascar vanilla beans were macerated for 5 months in Woodford Reserve Bourbon, then pressed through a filter. Afterwards they were further extracted through a soxhlet apparatus with part of the initial bourbon as the solvent, followed by an aqueous extract.

The final blending of the extractions comes to a 2.5:1 alcohol to water extract, resulting in 30% ABV - shelf stable.


Shake well before use. Separation is normal.

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